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Florense Passion

“I was born to look at picture and to draw”.

Apollo and Medusa mask by Le Corbusier

Born in a summer bathed by the blood of Genoa, overturned by the heat and the hedonist fury of entertainment at all costs, produced during another emigration fortunately in Rome, inspired by the experience of a love story contrasted by prejudices and inevitably lost, these images speaks a lot about my being radically, passionally, painfully Florense.

Beyond the goldsmith tradition, in the course of the History, the woven is the one that characterized the handicraft production of San Giovanni in Fiore, with bedspreads and trousseaus with strongly coloured geometrical motifs, some directly inspired by those of the Ellenic colonists who in their turn had been instructed by Persian craftsmen. It’s useless to say that, beyond small sporadic examples, currently this tradition is practically extinct.

With various expressive techniques and various functions, in the course of the years, in my works on several occasions (as an example mine are the panels in coloured granite mosaic on the road crossing between the sport field and the cemetery; Palla-Palla, summer 2000), re-appear the motifs and the colours of the bedspreads of my early childhood.

Mediterranean architecture: marble and granite mosaic

In a dramatic summer like this, with a future of glacier-melting, reappear naturally this will of belongings to a particular ancient culture, an identification research in sure roots even in a form of new expression in the used instruments and materials.

What the East evokes is in general homage to mine juvenile passionate studies on the Yoga and the Zen, and to the elimination of the prejudgments specific to these philosophies. The objects are reflected in the water, exactly in the hypothesis of glacier-melting, Santa Severina could become a sea-city on a desert coast.

The proposed images are neither a precious "Ozaturo" (bed-spread), neither a delicate "ncullerata" (brocade), are more modestly small virtual worlds, entirely built with the computer, in which I shelter each time I fear the future of the human being.

More I travel, grow, work, become cosmopolitan, more I tie to my origins, trusting in the idea that the development of the Man consists in the diversification of the Cultures, in its exchange in a pacific cohabitation, and not in their flatting imposed with the hunger and the war.

Houses on Lake Garda: CAD, or computer-aided design


This is a section of the site dedicated to the Mediterranean Architecture and that, going from the Mezquita de Cordoba to the Tiberius's Villa Iovis in Capri, from the Adalberto Libera's Villa Malaparte always in Capri until the Francesco Venezia's Gibellina Museum, from the Le Corbusier's Ronchamp Chapel to the Abbazia Florens of Gioacchino da Fiore and Luca Campano through the undergrounds of Naples, the underground architecture of the Greek Roman caverns exposed to the XVII Triennale of Milan, the ages, the cultural migrations, the Urbanism and Etno-Psychiatry, sometimes the losses, sometimes the contaminations, through various values and the religions, the aesthetic valences, with the contribution of personal written and of others Authors, of photography's, designs and other types of iconographic representations, 3d rendering, cad, videos, wants indicate a reflection course on this argument.